Towers of steel next to cobbled streets, Leafy enclosures next to concrete walls, Cafes dull with bosses, lanes alive with buskers This city – the victors lodge in the base of your nerves. Moving as you do, daily through crowds Lost in sounds only you can hear No longer with the patience or dreams, which brought… Read More Vision


The sun peeps on a new day, Chirping jays charge resting hearts, Lost feathers delight in the breeze, Rambling park grounds fill with the pulse of bright-eyed pups on brisk patrol.

The embrace

They can’t remember how it was exactly – A worn bench, adorned with papery rust A clear night, arms reach towards the stars A sigh. The brush of the sea, against cool feet A panacea for loss – home is always elsewhere Thoughts locked away, they journey on.  

All that follows

The morning-fresh scent beckons. You pad through soft warm sand, leaving the letter unfinished. Together we were better than vegan biccies – sumptuous yet harmless, sweet but pain free Then you took my whispers, slipped away with ease Forget? (too bright to believe) The temperamental lamp flickers, while the puppy chews your blue striped socks… Read More All that follows