The universe and work

I spent Sunday unwell so naturally fell into reflecting on the universe, reading about theories about multiverse and scientific findings in the last 5 years about how far we have progressed in our knowledge about the formation and workings of our universe. It felt like we are grinding to a halt in our actual capacity to comprehend the information, particularly when it comes to multiverses, even though on the flip side accepting the multiverse theory can help plug some of the gaps we have in our current understanding of physics but on another hand the late Stephen Hawking proposed a far simpler explanation. By the way, the term ‘multiverse’ was first suggested by a philosopher – William James – who said ”Visible nature is all plasticity and indifference, A Multiverse, as one might call it, and not a universe” (”Is life worth living?”, International Journal of Ethics 6, 10 (1895)).  Hmm ..

This morning I made it into work and wished I hadn’t. Once I started using an expansive perspective on life, I couldn’t stop, it became addictive and everything else crumbled to the wayside … at least it did for me today. And that’s why I titled this post ‘the universe and work’ because if you start putting the phrase ‘the universe’ in front of everything it all becomes truly laughable. Have a great Monday.

  • ‘The universe and the latest emoji.
  • The universe and my 2 hour meeting about ballerina shoe sales in Kent.
  • The universe and my new haircut.
  • The universe and plankton.
  • The universe and my moody colleagues.
  • The universe and vegan samosas.
  • The universe and my failed bid on eBay.





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