Book review: Stuff by Charlie Hill

I went to the library this week in search of novellas and super slim books so I could carry them around with ease compared to an 800 page opus. Also, in 2019 I want to focus my reading on authors who are able to convey their message and/story quickly and efficiently, loosing none of the emotional resonance.


Stuff by Charlie Hill is only 40 pages and the author does not waste any of their words. The book is written in a conversational style.  Set in Britain, the book questions consumerism,  capital, the construction of what it means to be masculine and the concept of work. I think it would be worthwhile for those who have no idea how the workers in Britain live, to read these 40 pages – there is really no excuse for politicians, policy developers and theorists to say they have no idea.

I also really liked the sense of dislocation the character describes along with demonstrating how being in workplaces can damage individual identity, interpersonal relations, chosen behaviours and the sense of self. Really, how can the person make informed choices that would benefit them when they are constantly battered by the barrage of late capitalist toxicity. Even with all the problematic issues the book raises, it still manages to find a positive, which makes it a worthwhile read. Well done! Highly recommended.

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