Collage: Do you really need that?

A month ago someone said to me that the world is so divided it would take a common enemy to unite us all. I nodded, bored. It has been said before. However, the next thing, the person says it would take an invasion of alien lifeforms to do it. Let me just say, that before we got to this point, I had been chatting about the increased incidence of violence towards minorities in Europe. And, I was speaking to someone who was an academic. Sure, we met in a pub and they were on their second pint, but still. I grinned uncomfortably and for the next 10 minutes they talked about the invading lifeforms and how the world would be a brighter place with all the ethnic, political and religious groups uniting as one. How could they not see that we already face a global threat that would affect everyone – environmental meltdown, species extinction – yet no one is united.


Fast forward to yesterday, I was on a bus chugging slowly through a main street packed with seasonal shoppers. They were everywhere, overladen with bags and bags of consumables. It was then I thought back to the conversation and realised that even if alien lifeforms showed up, most humans would be too busy consuming, other humans would be passed out due to lack of food and still more would fear for their lives and continue working in underground factories. I doubt anyone would notice. Perhaps our animal friends would. So I did this collage. It was fun to make and I love animals for being eternally curious about the world, but never damaging it just because they want yet another pair of shoes.



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