Book review: If cats disappeared from the world by Genki Kawamura

catsI have a habit of being drawn to books by their cover when perusing a bookstore. I don’t always land up going home with the book, but sometimes I do. Two days ago I stumbled on Genki Kawamura’s novel. I am pleased to say that the book is a beautiful and delicately woven tale and you won’t be disappointed. The author does not waste any words. The novel is about a person who lives alone and is facing a stark future. Loss, love and loneliness is something that unites us all in terms of human experience and there is a lot here that will resonate with readers regardless of their culture, background or experiences. The book maintains a good pace and the tension is in all the right places. I really felt for the narrator and the choices they faced. As a book about life, longing and the human condition, this one had the capacity to move me to tears. It made me pause and reflect on my own appreciation of the small things in life that make things wonderful – often overlooked by day-to-day challenging routines. This book is a welcome addition to any cherished library. I think the book would also be very useful for anyone who has been affected by grief and hasn’t known how to reach out to others or quell the deep sense of loss.

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