Documenting memories for later life

I read somewhere that a person with dementia uses a blog to capture who they are. They review the blog everyday and add to it so they can at least read who they were before the memory disintegrates/they can no longer access their memories.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to blog about everything … and I now also have a book where I write down core things in my life that stay with me – I call them ‘memory makers’. I figure if I have a whole book of events and people and incidents then even if I eventually loose my capacity to access my memories as I age, at least I have them in a book. I also include photos and other things that remind me of the events and information about scents I like. How does this differ from a diary? Well, they are snippets of events that captured me for some reason and stayed with me. So it is more of a log book.

doctorsI think if people did this it would also be useful for those that care for them in later life – giving them clues about things the person liked and they could use this to try and communicate with them. Given that most of us won’t be cared for by people who know us, I think a memory maker book is worth thinking about.

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