Mini book review: Little Wins by P Lindley

I was reading a book called ‘Little Wins’ by Paul Lindley. Thankfully, most of us would tick the essential boxes at the end of each chapter, as the author takes 240 pages to make a case for ‘the huge power of thinking like a toddler’ in business. ¬†Hmmm … Okay, so Mr Lindley uses this great insight to set up his business; but in most workplaces, all I have met are people who act like toddlers. Let’s face it, we can’t really know how an individual, even a toddler, ‘thinks’.

I figure he stumbled upon this impressive way of navigating the world of business because he looks after his kids sometimes; if he had been female, he probably would have come upon this great insight way sooner given what women have to deal with in universities/schools/workplaces. I’ll save you some time; below are the core points from the book.


One thing that I did find useful was a paragraph about the simple story. The exercise to do is ‘tell your story in six words – the big ambition for you, your life, your career or business’. I managed to distil my story in one word – Survive. How about you?


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