Letter to Joe – not the French Riviera

Hey Joe,

Someone left a bottle of wine on my doorstep with a note saying they enjoyed last night and would like to meet again (it’s not mine Joe – so stop laughing). I lugged the bottle round to the other apartments in the building but no one has claimed it so far of the romantic note (BTW don’t people use envelopes these days?)

How did my day go?
1) Narrowly missed being squished by a truck that ran red lights
2) Late into work because seagulls kept swooping down on me as I tried to put out the trash
3) Told off for having a picture of a puppy as my desktop as opposed to standard issue company logo
4) As above substitute ‘desktop’ with ‘screensaver’
5) Told for the sixth month in a row that my promotion has been turned down
6) I stomped out of the office and threw my ID badge into traffic
7) Charged £20 by Security to have a new ID badge issued. FFS
8) Told to update all the departments social media pages on a regular basis *yawn* (companies have wrecked social media with incessant marketing crap – I’m not even allowed to be off-the-wall like Wendy’s, so what’s the point really)
9) Walked into a filing cabinet
10) Boss caught me writing to you

11) Got drenched on the way home – my brolly blew in on itself and then got blown away by high winds

I’m still job hunting for alternatives – if I don’t leave this workplace soon the little faith I have left in humanity will be sucked out of me too.

Love & hugs
P.S. I’m glad to hear about your promotion and that they are putting your picture up on the length of service board – you are so right, 3 months is a long time. Your outfit looks superb.


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