Letter to Joe – Popcorn Quiz

Location: in a cubicle with a view out the window of a tiny tree and a traffic jam

Hey Joe,

I’m at work watching the clock – the hands don’t seem to be moving as quickly as they did yesterday. The ticking interrupted my sleepy time at the keyboard. There’s a new page on the company website. Any employee can post to it to recognise the work of a colleague. Bill in the neighbouring cubicle alerted me to it. He asked if I had spent my morning posting messages. Yeah? If there was NOTHING else on the internet, maybe.

But it gave me an idea.

The message board with super classy graphics (no I do not have a screen shot) was launched two days ago to raise staff morale. Yikes! I have devised a game for you. This is the quiz Joe – decide which message are real and which are made up. Are you game? Take your time, I spent most of the afternoon working on it.

The name at the start is who the message is for. All the messages (so far) have been posted anonymously.

Here goes …

  1. CY (Buildings supervisor) – Thank you for changing the light bulb in the office. We were in the dark for over a week! Give the man a raise.
  2. Jayden M (Networks) – Thanks for nothing!
  3. Chester (Finance) – Swoon! Thank you, thank you, thank you for joining our ugly team.
  4. S Pratt (reception) – Thank you for offering to let me help you with your workload. You are a fantastic person.
  5. E Friars (reception) – Thank you Estel for thanking me for sharing my work. You are awesome too!
  6. Instructions – Can someone post instructions on how to enter a message? I keep double posting and then it gets deleted. Please help! New to the board.
  7. Taylor Prentis (Security) – Thank you for fixing the front door to B Block. We can now get into our office without using a hammer and crow bar. Your hard work after 2 months of complaints is very much appreciated.
  8. Abigail (Stocks) – We couldn’t function without your tireless work and bright smile. Sorry about your pay freeze and our lack of concern about helping you get a raise – hope this message helps. Love, Hate, Whatever.
  9. Message from Comms – Please only post legitimate messages.

Answers on a postcard Joe.

As an exercise in community building, I figure the message board will be shut down by the end of the day.

Nice pic of you on Instagram BTW. I guess, more smog in the city, so you get to wear your goggles and spider-mask for another day (I know you dress base on weather in another part of the world – there can be no other explanation, well not today anyway).

Love & hugs


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