Letter to Joe – Infernal Talkback: Illusory Thought


Day: Friday in March
Location: Work of course
Mood: Low to high depending on caffeine intake

Hey Joe

Thanks for the postcard with just one sentence on it.
I started writing this to you, and hit send before completing it. I hope it doesn’t turn up in the CEO’s inbox – if it does, I hope they think it’s fan mail.
I have been having IT issues, which has been met with derision by our Masters of the Universe IT Helpdesk drones. After two days of being unable to do any work, and sending emails to the wrong people, Craig came along to take my computer away.
‘Craig, what do you think is wrong with it?’ I asked.
‘Who cares. It could be anything,’ he mumbled staring at my sweater which read ‘Tuesday’. (It’s an Alberta Ferretti knock off which I have been wearing every day.)
Craig nodded in my direction, ‘It’s Wednesday right?’ he sounded perturbed.
I rolled my eyes.
Craig rolled his eyes back.
It felt like a Godzilla – Ultraman standoff.
In the interest of doing no work whatsoever, I didn’t ask Craig when my computer would be returned.
… it’s Friday, I hope you are loving my handwritten letter.
Craig is hovering in the background FYI setting up a new PC. He’s the only person in this place who can look miserable on a Friday. He’s taking his time, pausing to look over my shoulder.
I have written you 5 letters this morning. I know one day I’ll post them.
Love & hugs

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